Did you encounter a porn site unintentionally?

Get this easy solution to get rid of the porn traces.

Compatible with: Mac OS X 10.8 +
What is XXX History Fixer?

XXX History Fixer is a secure solution for your Mac that erases the traces of undesirable porn visits in the past.


We can help you erase traces of unplanned visits to porn sites

Compatible with: Mac OS X 10.8 +
Why use XXX History Fixer?
This is one easy way to assist you in deleting all traces of porn sites that you have unwillingly or accidently visited.
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You are Protected

It checks for porn traces in all major browsers like Safari, Chrome & Firefox so that your Mac’s protection is right there.

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Effortless Usage

Designed for comfortable usage experience, XXX History Fixer is easy to operate with instant removal of porn traces in just one click.

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Browse Privately

With its Private Browsing mode, your privacy is kept intact as it never saves your browsing traces and your surfing can’t be tracked in there.

User Reviews and Testimonials
“All traces removed in the wink of an eye”
It was difficult to remove all these porn site traces completely without leaving behind any remnants. But it became viable and quick.
Blaine Vargas
College Student